Recent Projects

With a diverse portfolio of drilling, workover, pipeline maintenance, tank storage maintenance, and oil field projects, we deliver comprehensive oil services in Libya. Our expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence ensure optimized operations, increased productivity, and sustainable solutions for the energy industry.

Drilling project

Sarir Field Development Project

Located in the eastern part of Libya, the Sarir field is one of the largest oil fields in the country. It has undergone extensive drilling projects to optimize production and increase reservoir recovery.

Pipeline Maintenance

Waha Oil Company Pipeline Integrity Management

Waha Oil Company, one of Libya’s largest oil producers, operates an extensive network of pipelines for oil transportation. Their pipeline maintenance projects focus on ensuring the integrity and reliability of the pipelines, employing methods such as cathodic protection, monitoring systems, and periodic inspections.

Tank Storage Maintenance

Brega Oil Marketing Company Tank Farm Maintenance

Brega Oil Marketing Company manages several tank farms across Libya, serving as storage facilities for petroleum products. Maintenance projects for these tank farms encompass regular inspections, maintenance of tank linings, and implementing safety protocols to maintain the quality and safety of stored products.

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